Freedom in Fire Kollektiv started out in Mai 2009 in Belgium, mainly organizing concerts and benefits. All sharing anarchist ideas and strictly anti-fascist, we’ve been doing our thing for over five years. In July 2014, Freedom in Fire Kollektiv has decided to quit due to various reasons.

We would like to thank every who has ever been involved in Freedom in Fire Kollektiv, as members came and went over the years, everyone who ever volunteered at any of our events, all the squats that opened their doors for us, the venues that weren’t in it for commercial gain but to support a strong diy culture, the bands who met our hospitality with sincere gratefulness, everyone who has ever shared their equipment with us. You know who you all are. Without you we would have been nothing at all.

If anyone wonders, members of Freedom in Fire Kollektiv are currently active with Black Dawn Tour Support, Leuven Anarchist Group, Anarchist Library ‘infotheek’ Ghent, Mosh Potatoes label, distro and organizing, the almighty Vort’n Vis, De Woongaard ecological/sustainable co-housingproject around Leuven and sound-engineering on other activities. Definitely check out the following still existing bands (anno 2014 ;-) ) people who used to be in Freedom in Fire are active in : Cop on Fire, Altered State, Link, Silence Means Death, Saturnine and some more projects who (as far as I know right now) still don’t have a name… .

There’s no point in asking us to organize something from now on, but anyways, for love/hatemail : freedominfirekollektiv@riseup.net.

Anarchy, solidarity and revolt. Freedom in Fire Kollektiv.